Oberböhringen Golf Course, Germany

One of our most recent projects was an 18-hole golf course in Oberböhringen, Germany. This course is by far the most scenic in Europe. Set at 700 meters altitude on the edge of the Swabian Alps with wonderful views, it’s easily accessible from Stuttgart, Ulm and Göppingen. Golfers can enjoy sport as well as nature in one of the most beautiful spots in southern Germany.

The golf club wanted to replicate these amazing views throughout their washrooms which would also include showers so the PRIMO Kn Cubicle was the natural choice.

Perfect for wet and dry conditions, PRIMO Kn meets the highest requirements concerning aesthetics and functionality. The system is flush-surfaced and folded on the door stop side. Door and panel elements are made of 42mm thick composite elements with internal aluminum frames for maximum stiffness and long durability.

PRIMO Kn is designed with legs and head rails integrated in the front panel. There is also a floor-to-ceiling solution offering maximum privacy because the doors, front panels and partitions are completely flush from the door to the ceiling. This system can also be made as a walk through cubicle which is popular for leisure centre changing areas.

A special protective layer on the HPL-surface increases the scratch and wear resistance. PRIMO comes in a multitude of colours and designs but in this case images were digitally printed onto the surface of the doors.


Our ability to design and manufacture bespoke washroom cubicles and lockers in many different materials is greatly supported using Fundermax. Their incredible range of sheet materials allows us to offer a complete service to both our existing and new clients.

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