Active Sports V-Lockers

Purposely designed to dry sports clothing

Forget all the problems with damp cycling or running clothing at work that gets hung up all over the place, doesn’t dry and starts to smell. Instead, opt for one of our Ventilated Locker Systems purposely designed for sports clothing which allows fresh air to flow into the locker for pleasant dry clothes for the next use.

The air is sucked through an exhaust duct and passed on to the fan housing. There, a certain amount of air is delivered to the exhaust system of the building and the remaining air is circulated. A controller in the fan housing determines how much air goes to the exhaust air system and how much is to be circulated.

Ventilation with circulating air is the fastest way to get wet towels and clothes in lockers dry. The lockers are equipped with dry air ducts, which are connected to the circulating air unit SONO-VENT. Air evaporation is accelerated by airflow in the locker. The fan presses the air streams through a supply air duct, which is located at the top of the locker.

KEMMLIT UK provide the SONO-VENT system within the lockers plus the outlet pipes as featured in the diagram below.