42mm HPL composite elements

Innovation is a trademark of KEMMLIT. In the 1970s, our company had already introduced the first HPL sandwich element system PRIMO. Now the new PRIMO Kn is the next level of this unique success story. Completely flush-surfaced, with aluminum frames and an element thickness of 42 mm, the system presents a never before seen quality.

PRIMO Kn meets the highest requirements concerning aesthetics and functionality. The system is flush-surfaced and folded on the door stop side. Door and panel elements are made of a 42 mm thick composite elements with internal aluminum frames for maximum stiffness and long durability. A special protective layer on the HPL-surface increases the scratch and wear resistance. PRIMO Kn is suitable for wet and dry rooms.

In the standard version, PRIMO Kn is designed with legs and head rails integrated in the front panel. The floor-to-ceiling solution offers maximum privacy because the doors, front panels and partitions are completely flush from the door to the ceiling. This system can also be made as a walk through cubicle.

Soft close option

PRIMO Kn also is available with a soft close option. Consisting of two absorbers per door in order to allow a slowed down and silent closing.

Case Studies