Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre

Created around 60 million years ago by the movement of basalt lava, the causeway is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland and comprises over 40,000 columns that step down from the foot of the cliff into the sea.

The stone mullions surrounding this visitor centre created by Heneghan Peng Architects imitate the towering basalt columns of the volcanically formed Giant's Causeway.

Heneghan Peng Architects won a competition in 2005 to design a visitor centre for the Giant's Causeway, providing exhibition spaces, a cafe, toilets and a giftshop.

The building is described by the architects as "two folds into the landscape". The first fold rises up from the ground to create a building with a sloping grass roof, while the second angles down to form a car park and entrance that meets the level of the approaching road.

Between each of the stone mullions, vertical windows line the walls and surround a cafe that overlooks the coastline from the far end of the building.

Visitors can climb up over the grassy roof, where skylights let them peer down into the exhibition spaces.

Our Classiccell Cubicles were installed in both the male and female washrooms in steel white along with matching duct panels and modesty screens.

Both panel and door elements consist of a 42 mm thick metal construction made of steel with foam inlay. Classiccell can either be supplied with supporting legs in the front or recessed in the partitions. 



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