tibits Restaurant, London

tibits wanted something with clean lines and high quality for their main London restaurant. Vario CELL in brushed stainless steel was specified.

The 30mm composite elements of aluminium or steel contain a special sound absorbent filling layer. Reinforcement inlays of aluminium at the necessary points ensure secure and lasting reinforcement of attachments and fittings.

The high quality and attractive aluminium profiles guarantee stability and are available in a variety of colours.

Corner and joint elements, door stop and wall connection are all part of the tried and tested, flexible profile system from KEMMLIT. The horizontally mounted head rail is available in angular and smooth-surfaced models; in satin anodised or powder coated aluminium, as well as in stainless steel.

To ensure exact fitting joints the stabilizer is fitted with a fine end collar. With the support optimised Vario CELL solution both the head rail and supporting legs are fitted along the partition panels of the cubicles, thus out of sight. The wall connection at the front can be constructed using shadow gaps or U-profiles.

The aluminium door stop profiles are fitted with rubber cushions to avoid loud door slamming.

Vario CELL can be installed with a variety of different locks and fittings. 


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